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Here's How YOU Can HIDE Your Private Files &
Photos Inside a "Virtual Vault" On Your PC...
PLUS: How to Shred the Original Files FOREVER!

Photo Vault Pro Box!Do you have FILES on your PC that you’d prefer to keep PRIVATE?

Of course you do. Everybody does.

The problem is that no-one is protecting their files. And that means our most PRIVATE documents and images can be viewed by our kids, our spouse, our colleagues – even by nosy computer repair technicians.

There's no question about it... YOU'RE AT RISK.

Are you protected? No. Because you don’t know about Photo Vault Pro.

Photo Vault Pro is the world’s MOST POWERFUL file security tool. It’s a virtual vault that installs on your PC and literally protects your files and images using the most ADVANCED data encryption algorithms known to MAN-KIND!

How does Photo Vault Pro work?

It’s simple. Just open the program and create a new “vault”, with it’s own special password. Then drag-and-drop your files and images directly into the vault.

Photo Vault Pro will literally erase ALL TRACE of the original file from your hard disk. It’ll then encrypt the file in your vault, so NOBODY can gain access without your ultra-secure password.


That�s right. The FBI could come along, with the most advanced forensic data recovery techniques � and Photo Vault Pro would KICK THEM where it HURTS!

Want to access your HIDDEN FILES again?

Just open the vault and enter your password. Preview your documents and photos. View images in gallery mode. Look at your private pictures full-screen. Even print your files. Without leaving a trace ANYWHERE!

It’s SO EASY, even an adult could use it!

But WITHOUT your magical password, NOBODY can gain access. And remember, EVERY LAST TRACE of the original file is OBLITERATED from your hard disk – so you don’t have to be worried about those powerful $20 undelete programs!


Photo Vault Pro is the world’s MOST POWERFUL file security program. And best of all, you can grab your copy for JUST $19.95 � and begin protecting YOUR privacy, TODAY!

READY? Watch the Photo Vault Pro DEMO...
Discover How EASY It Is To PROTECT Your PRIVACY!

Want to see just how EASY it is to get started with Photo Vault Pro?

Simply click the PLAY button to watch the official Photo Vault Pro demo. It�s EASY!


“Privacy is one of my biggest concerns. But with Photo Vault Pro, I just drag-and-drop everything into the vault - and I'm secured. Brilliant!�

- Dan Strauss,

Protect your Privacy – with Photo Vault Pro!
Check Out These AWESOME New Features...

Want to protect your private files and photos, using the power of Photo Vault Pro?

Discover some of these amazing features. They could all be YOURS within the next five minutes!

Total VAULT Protection – Place your photos in the “virtual safe” and enjoy COMPLETE peace of mind, knowing your files and images are password-protected using the MOST ADVANCED encryption algorithms available.
File Shredding

Complete SHREDDING Support – When adding files to the vault, you can optionally select to SHRED the originals from your hard disk. Photo Vault Pro is SO POWERFUL, not even the FBI will be able to recover your images!

Photo Viewer

Full PHOTO VIEWER Features – Use Photo Vault Pro just like a regular image viewer! Browse thumbnails of your images, print images, view your photos full-screen. It’s totally SECURE and 100% USER-FRIENDLY too!

File Types Support

Works With ANY FILE!  - Photo Vault Pro doesn’t only work with images. You can add Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Web pages, ANYTHING to your vault. And you can rely on Photo Vault Pro to keep you protected!

Extra Features

AND MUCH MORE – Photo Vault Pro doesn’t stop there. It also includes a separate file shredder, system tray and floating vault modes, multiple shredding options, comprehensive help, startup preferences, printing support, and more!

Here's Your LAST CHANCE To Buy Photo Vault Pro -
At Our LOWEST PRICE EVER, Exclusive for January!

If you understand the value of Photo Vault Pro – you’ll be THRILLED to learn about our special January promotion.

If you buy Photo Vault Pro during January, you’ll pay the TINY PRICE of JUST $19.95.

That includes INSTANT download links, FREE support for a whole five years, and FREE upgrades for LIFE.

Now that’s a deal you CANNOT beat. Check out the competition. No other leading brand comes even close - especially at this bargain basement price!


If you purchase BEFORE midnight, Monday, January 28th 2019, you’ll also receive our mystery package containing FIVE FREE bonus privacy-related tools.

These are randomly selected, so we can’t guarantee what you’ll receive in YOUR freebie bag. But you’ll receive FIVE TOOLS from our collection of TWENTY – and these tools will literally REDEFINE the way you use your PC!

They’re EXCITING, they’re FUN, they’re FULLY FEATURED � you won�t find any shareware here.

And best of all, we GUARANTEE these tools will cost you over $200 to purchase separately.

But they’re YOURS – ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE – when you purchase Photo Vault Pro today!

So get prepared to invest the BEST $19.95 you’re likely to spend this year. Just CLICK on the following button and you could be downloading Photo Vault Pro – within the NEXT FIVE MINUTES!

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Photo Vault Pro Box!
Yes! I want my copy of Photo Vault Pro for $19.95!
Plus, send my BONUS software – worth at least $200!

Price converted to your local currency. Around �12.95 or 14.95 Euros.
Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.
Still unsure? Try watching our mini-demo, or download the demo version.
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